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Our mission: To provide effective, affordable and personal care.

Finding the office and therapist with the right fit is important for success with your goals. The information below should give you a taste of our culture to help you decide if this office is right for you.

Only therapists answer the phone.

It may take a day to return a call however, this keeps our overhead low and cost to customer lower.

We are currently in-network with limited insurance companies.

We may not be able to accept your current plan but we try to work with people on payment plans and fee schedules.

Life is difficult, it's full of surprises and not always favorable ones. We spend our childhood being formally taught reading, writing and arithmetic. We learn our social skills and behavior management skills predominately from our families of origin. Much to our dismay, we either repeat the behaviors we wanted to avoid or we feel lost with the guess and check of trying a new path. 

Professional counseling can help you refine the skills and relationships you've always wanted to! With complete confidentiality, therapy is a safe place to explore the areas you want to conquer. As a therapist, Rebecca strives to teach people the skills they need to be successful in life. She also strive to empower people to lean in to their discomfort and conquer the fears, anxieties and depression that holds them back from their fullest selves. 


At the root, she has a systemic focus applied with a relationship approach. Structural, Rogerian, Psychoeducational and Experiential are some of my favorite schools of therapy. By nature she is an encourager and works hard to help you meet your goals. 

Dr. Etzbach is a wife, mother, program director of Rehabilitation Services at UW-Stout and is active in her community. 

Although her schedule is full, she practices on the side as she believes it's important to remain active in the field and to use her training to benefit her community.

She works with people of all ages and stages of life. She has experience working with children, couples, families and individuals. Her specialty training is EMDR. Along with her truama focus She also has experience with mood disorders, behaviors disorders, developmental disabilities and family systems. 

Ph D Doctor of Rehabilitation (RhD)
Southern Illinois University 
Carbondale, IL, United States, 1995

MS Rehabilitation Counseling
Mankato State University
Mankato, MN, United States, 1989

BS Psychology
Mankato State University
Mankato, MN, United States, 1986

Dr. Colleen Etzbach, LPC

Rebecca Hustad, MS, LMFT


ADHD                                      Communication

Adoption                                  Couples

Anxiety                                    Depression

Attachment                              Divorce Care/Uncoupling

Autism                                     EMDR

Boundaries                               Fostering

Christian Counseling                  Parenting

Trauma                                     Pre-maritial/Relationship

Other Areas of Experience and Competence




She is willing to seek consultation in order to work with someone who is experiencing a stressor not identified on the aforementioned lists. 

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